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Keeps your drink at 130°F/55°C

A revolutionary self-warming smart mug that maintains your coffee/tea at the perfect drinking temperature. Not only this, it’s charging base can also wirelessly charge your cell phone.

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A complete brewing system for coffee & tea

From storage to brewing coffee/tea to keeping the beverage at the perfect drinking temperature, we have thought about everything you’ll need for a convenient, relaxing and delicious coffee & tea experience.


Titanium Chopsticks

Eco-friendly chopsticks made from aero-space grade titanium

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An EDC titanium chopsticks set

Carry your own chopsticks set everywhere you go. A deluxe pouch that is designed to hold one pair of chopsticks, one chopstick rest and a straw. Convenient, stylish and eco-friendly.


 Customer Reviews

EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Just used chopsticks on sushi and kimchi and I’m totally satisfied. Well done TWINZ.
— William H. Wright Jr.
Fantastic company, amazing product. These guys are extremely conscientious and very communicative. Thank you TWINZ Studio for delivering such an outstanding product - these chopsticks rock!
— Damian Shapiro
So very pleased with the products AND with TWINZ Studio. Great work, superb customer service. Can’t wait for your next idea!! A+++
— Chuck Bedekovich
Please congratulate the TWINZ team on an EXCELLENT job in communicating. I shall definitely be looking out for more projects by TWINZ and also make sure to recommend you all
— Kunaal Jambhore
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