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Brilliant. Reusable Chopsticks

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With OHOM, we hope to usher in the next era of chopsticks; reusable, resilient, and chemical-free titanium chopsticks for everyday use



Titanium Chopsticks

Crafted with Aerospace Grade Titanium

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Eco-Friendly Chopsticks

Introducing the latest in chopstick design, Titanium Chopsticks represent cutting edge design for sleek modern chopsticks. With the goal of reducing the pollution caused by disposable chopsticks and a whole-hearted dedication to ushering in a greener future, our ultimate mission is to help the planet with eco-friendly. modern, and aesthetic innovations.

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1. BACTERIA RESISTANT - Titanium, thanks to its anti-bacterial characteristics, inhibits the growth of germs and other harmful pathogens. Because its non-porous and non-stick nature, nothing seeps inside, both keeping the integrity in tact and making it extremely easy to clean.

2. RECYCLABLE - TWINZ chopsticks are 100% recyclable. The recycled titanium can be turned into titanium feedstock and become easily reused for other useful products.

3. STRONG & LIGHT-WEIGHT - Titanium is among the strongest and most durable metals on the planet: it retains the inherent ability to resist rust and corrosion. On top of this, titanium is extremely lightweight, making it the perfect option for an everyday carry.

4. SUSTAINABLE - As soon as you stop using the disposable alternatives and begin to carry your own pair of reusable chopsticks, you have begun to save the trees. Each meal enjoyed with TWINZ chopsticks is another step closer to a greener world.

  • Specs: 9.1 x 0.3 in / 230 x 7.2 mm

  • Weight: 0.14oz / 4g

  • Material: 100% Aerospace Grade Titanium -grade 2 / CP3

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Non-allergic / toxic

  • Reusable & environmentally friendly

  • Perfect for EDC & home use


The Healthy Alternative

to disposable chopsticks

There are countless articles online highlighting the hidden dangers of disposable chopsticks. However, we decided to bring awareness to the truth by documenting our tests and research. Watch our video to see how you can help the environment and your health by using titanium chopsticks.

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OHOM Titanium Chopsticks

We’ve always felt chopsticks to be one of the most unique and innovative utensils in the history of humanity - simple, multi-use, effective. However, why has this innovation stalled? Why have we become content with what we have instead of looking for newer, better alternatives? How is it that disposable and plastic options have become standard, burdening the planet with excess waste? This frustrating reality sparked our extremely personal mission to develop something fresh and revolutionary.

Strong & Light-weight

6 different chopstick colors

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Titanium Chopstick Rest

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Enhance Your Dining Experience

This titanium chopstick rest is perfect for propping up your pair of TWINZ during eating. It also keeps your chopsticks out of contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.

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 Titanium Straw

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Plastic is the Past,

Titanium is the Future

Plastic straws are one of the largest sources of pollution in our oceans, contaminating once pristine natural spaces. For this reason, many cities around the globe have begun to ban plastic straws, hoping to minimize their negative effect on the ecosystem.

To combat this, we’ve specially designed a titanium reusable straw to pair with every set of our Titanium Chopsticks. We aim to help save our planet from rampant waste with eco-friendly and reusable titanium innovations.


 Deluxe Carrying Pouch

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All-In-One Carrying Pouch

An all-in-one carrying case for your chopsticks, straw and rest. Like our Titanium Chopsticks, our All-In-One Carrying Pouch is made with natural materials. It allows the chopsticks and straw to breathe with continued exposure to open, fresh air. This keeps both the pouch and chopsticks free from the risk of bacteria growth.

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OHOM Titanium Chopsticks

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