About us

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Hi! My name is Peter Kao. I am a design guru with years of experience in the field. Most recently, I developed the extremely successful travel accessory brand Keep Pursuing. I’ve always been interested in designing products that not only look good and function well, but serve a greater purpose.

Hey there! My name is Pavin Browne and I am an, aspiring designer, marketing whiz and environmentalist. With a background in conservation, my sensibilities have always been geared towards the preservation of our natural surroundings. My ultimate goal in life is to discover sustainable alternatives to everyday practices

We joined forces upon the realization of our shared interest in ecology and design. In developing TWINZ, our mission has always encapsulated the love we share for our home, planet Earth. From day one, we’ve aimed at creating something special, something people will enjoy, not only for the benefit it brings to the world, but also for the simplicity and ease of use embodied within.